Align your Energy

with Modern, Reiki-Infused Jewelry

Kim R Sanchez Jewelry is few of a kind, handcrafted with care and infused with Reiki love by Kim Sanchez in Cincinnati, OH.

Designs based on sacred geometry and made in precious metals, not only make you look beautiful, they also bring a little ✨magic✨ into your life making you feel good too. Whether you're looking for calm, abundant, love vibes...or more, our pieces align your energy to help you attract all the things you want!

Intuitively select your perfect piece by collection affirmation, intention or color...

OR schedule a free energy assessment and Kim will make a personal recommendation for you!

Enlighten Me

What is "Few of a Kind"?

Kim purchases gemstone beads, in small quantities. When sold out, a certain gem bead may never be available again! Also, no two gemstone beads are alike, each having its own unique color and pattern. Unique, special, and beautiful...just like you!

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Happy Customers are Saying...


I wear Kim’s jewelry everywhere! It always makes me feel more put together! It must be the gemstones and the intention she put behind it... makes all the difference!

Jessi O.

Kim’s pieces are SO UNIQUE! You won’t find anything similar anywhere else! They are one of a kind conversation pieces and I get compliments every time I wear them!

Naseem S.

Amethyst always makes me feel calm and centered. Kim’s designs with amethyst are my absolute favorite jewelry pieces.

Nancy R.

I LOVE all of the jewelry I have purchased from Kim! All are unique, meaningful, and such high quality. Kim is an artist who perfects each piece to the smallest detail for her customers!

Shannon N.