Gem & Crystal Energy

What is Crystal Energy?

Everything is made up of energy. Your body is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies depending on how you feel, live, and think. The earth and all things nature have an energy vibration that operates at pure, high frequencies.

Crystals, created in nature, allow you to take a little piece of Mother Earth’s healing energy with you wherever you go. Crystals all have their own unique energy vibration that influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to help realign our energies bringing balance and healing. They are able to transmute the flow of energy to the body, which helps to unblock the chakras, send energy where it is needed, and balance out your inner world. Essentially  attuning our vibrations to that of the crystals leaves you feeling lighter, happier and more at ease.

When you’re feeling “off” - sad, stressed, overwhelmed... these are indicators that your energy is out of balance or you’re carrying someone else’s energy which can be totally draining! A perfect time to put on a Kim R Sanchez Jewelry piece or work with a crystal.

What's the Difference Between a Gemstone and a Crystal?

The terms gemstones and crystals are often used interchangeably, however it's good to know the difference.

A gemstone by definition is beautiful, rare and durable. It must have these three attributes to be classified as a gemstone. A gemstone is cut, faceted, and polished for jewelry or other decorative pieces.

A crystal is a pure, solid substance that has an orderly repeating arrangement of atoms and molecules which extend in three dimensions. Crystals can also be defined as objects that have well-defined geometric shapes. A crystal is not a gemstone (think of rock salt or snowflakes - both are crystals but not gemstones).

Some gems can be a crystal (amethyst, garnet, citrine, etc.), however, not all gemstones are crystals. Gemstones that are organic based like amber, pearl, turquoise, etc. are not crystals and neither are lapis lazuli, opal and sunstone, which are rocks.

While a little confusing, the good news is that crystals, gemstones and even rocks all have healing energy!

What Are the Benefits of Working With Crystal Energy?

When we wear, meditate with or are even in the same room as crystals, we are more susceptible and receptive to that energy, providing us with the following benefits:

  • Our bodies become more in sync with the resonance of the crystals, so their healing properties are more easily received.
  • We are able to go deeper into our meditation practice, and can therefore experience more powerful outcomes.
  • We are able to connect more easily with our higher consciousness and can come to deeper realizations, insights, and spiritual awareness.
  • Our energy centers become more balanced, helping us to improve our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

How Do I Use My Crystals?

Each crystal purchased from Kim R Sanchez Jewelry can be used individually or together to encourage positive thought patterns, release blocks and remind you that you are worthy of all that you desire.

  • Decorate your space- office, living area and bedroom
  • Carry in your purse or pocket (and yes, you can put in your bra)
  • Create a crystal grid
  • Meditate with your stones directly on or around your body. use my chakra guide as a reference for placement
  • Run a bath and place around the tub. While you can place crystals in the tub, please research first as water can damage some crystals.
  • Give them to someone who could use a little extra support and positive vibes in their life

Will It Work for Me?

Not everyone reacts to the same crystal the same way. How you experience a crystal depends on your own perspectives, vibrations, needs and beliefs. The best way to experience crystal energy and how it works for you is to have an open mind and sincere desire for change that serves your highest good. Then use your intuition to find one that attracts you (there is no right or wrong with selection) and work with it.

*Disclaimer: Crystals should not be used in place of medical treatment. If you have a condition or are concerned about a health issue, you should consult with your physician or licensed clinical professional.