Meet Kim

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. My favorite Christmas gift as a kid was from my grandma. Some kids got dolls, I got a beautiful shiny silver box every Christmas, filled with crayons, markers, paint, glue, glitter, stickers, paper....literally an artist’s dream box! She knew I was meant to create. Art class and learning to create in all different mediums was the highlight of my school years. While I didn’t know it then, the day we started a jewelry project in high school, my passion was sparked and my path set.  

All I did know at that point was that when I “grew up”, I had to be doing something artistic. When I saw that Indiana University offered a studio art degree in jewelry design and metalsmithing, something inside me lit up! My jewelry design and crafting skills were honed over the next five years and I knew I had found my calling. My love of gemstones was born in Santa Monica, CA at the Gemological Institute of America, where I learned all about gemstone origins, stone identification and what makes each gem unique. My first job as a jewelry designer, I remember how honored (and nervous) I felt when a customer asked me to design their forever engagement ring. Yet, filling me with bliss and validation that I have a gift to share, that design has become part of my design collection today! 

Kim R Sanchez, Jewelry Designer

In 2002, my dream was finally coming true as I launched my own line of jewelry. My husband and I had just moved to Cincinnati, OH to be closer to my family (maybe a little too close since we were broke and living with my parents!) For 8 months, I designed and created jewelry, combining my love of colored gems with my passion for simple, modern design. While it was amazing to be focused solely on my jewelry business for that time, money was tight and sadly, I had to go back to work. I continued to host jewelry parties and attend juried art shows for several years, alongside working full time, before having to put my passion on hold when life got busier with two kids.

I experienced my first reiki session in 2019 after several years of soul searching. We had everything- a strong marriage, 2 healthy kids, our dream home, and my corporate career was extremely successful, yet something was off and I literally just felt lost in life. To say that the reiki session was life-changing is an understatement! (She) was able to see my inner torment of putting my creative purpose on hold for so many years. After that experience, I felt such a strong pull to get back to designing and creating that simply couldn’t be ignored. A subsequent distant reiki healing session opened up my world to crystal and gemstone energy- the genesis for Kim R Sanchez Jewelry. 

When I thought about how I would feel if I died having never gone after my dream, the amount of regret I envisioned helped me set aside my fears and relaunch my business! I believe with all my heart that we all have a purpose here on Earth. Mine is to provide a little bit of magic through my jewelry, helping women raise their energetic vibrations to align her energy and invoke her inner magic... reminding her of all that she’s meant to be.  

Kim R Sanchez Jewelry is limited edition, handcrafted with love and infused with reiki energy by Kim Sanchez in Cincinnati, OH. Unique, modern, geometric designs in sterling silver and natural gemstones raise your energetic vibrations to provide healing and support on your spiritual/personal growth journey to finding your purpose and aligning with your highest, most authentic self.