Meet Kim

Do you love unique, quality gemstone jewelry AND manifesting?

I think we’re about to be BFFs…

Balancing life between work, building your dream, being a mom and everything in HARD. Not to mention the overwhelm, anxiety and spacing out that has become the norm. Yes, friend…I see you!

I design for women like you who:

  • Tend to be do-it-all badasses 
  • Are givers, which often leads to feeling drained
  • Like to stay aligned with good vibes
  • have style and want their jewelry to make a statement!

Hi, I'm Kim, the designer and owner of Kim R. Sanchez Jewelry and I create few of a kind, natural gemstone jewelry that brings a little (or a lot) Reiki-infused magic into your life!

Kim R Sanchez, Jewelry Designer

I first launched my jewelry business in 2002 feeling scared, but excited with a fresh degree in Jewelry Design & Gemology.  However, a few years later with two young kids, working full time and ALL the things...was simply too much on my plate and my jewelry business took a back burner.

Fast forward to 2019 and I found myself working full time in a successful career…yet feeling lost, like something was missing from my soul. A life-changing Reiki session re-aligned my energy, brought back my desire to create jewelry and opened my eyes to the world of manifesting with gemstone energy!!!

I now bring that profound experience + magic to you by infusing Reiki into my jewelry!


Designed from start to finish with inspiration from sacred geometry, our jewelry is hand carved and cast in precious metals. We use limited-sourced artisan cut gemstones and make each design special, with "few of a kind" quantities and YOU in mind. 

Each piece is named after the energy it embodies. Designed with intention, not only to make you feel beautiful, but also to carry specific Reiki-infused energy for what you need most in that moment.

Whether it be a dose of calm for life’s curveballs or the simple reminder that you are enough...our pieces are designed to align your energy to help you attract what you need most.


Get ready to SHOP ✦ WEAR ✦ MANIFEST  Let your intuition guide you to the jewelry piece that’s right for you!

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